Shape the future using specialized AI-based solutions

Our solutions combine Artificial Intelligence and Field Knowledge to accelerate insights discoveries. We build custom solutions for different applications in various industries such as Aeronautics, Healthcare, Defense and Automotive.   


Connect, optimize and scale your real-time analytics applications

ThingWings is an end-to-end platform for real-time analytics applications such as health monitoring,  predictive maintenance and fleet managment. ThingWings provides a productive environment to connect, distribute, predict and visualize data from different sources (sensors, web, telematics, etc). ThingWings enables truly predictive capabilities at scale thanks to its distributed architechture.


Accelerate data science and keep your focus on business

MinerWorx is a user-friendly product that accelerate prototyping, developing, tuning and implementing machine learning applications while focusing on the business problem. MinerWorx provides also an environment to push quickly your models into production. 


Accelerate medical and biological insights discoveries

MixOmics is a user-friendly machine learning product designed specifically to help healthcare practitioners to explore complex medical and biological datasets.  It provides a productive environment for researchers and practitioners to perform integrative analysis of mixed-type clinical and omics data. MixOmics accelerates the process of identification of new biomarkers based on the state of the art machine learning techniques. 

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